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Cordiano Winery-San Diego Wedding Photog

shelby schmidt

Wedding + Portrait Photographer


...this is where serve up a cup of your favorite something and come alongside you, wherever love finds you

I’m Shelby, a Seattle and Portland area wedding photographer whose light-filled work captures connection and offers reminders of love! 


My happiest days are spent feeling the wind through my hair (until I toss it up in a bun, which I will try and try again to get juuuust right!) and love’s hand in mine. Forever an admirer of that first sip of coffee, putting pen to paper and possibilities -happy mail has my heart! Most days you'll find me alongside my favorite teammate and our loves bringing legacies of past generations to light at our 1909 home or 

out exploring the world together. Wife to my college sweetheart + mama of two pips and furry ones, I’m ever ready to believe the best for others because of how they believe it for me.

A proud Washington State University alum, (Go Cougs!) I pursued a career in news broadcasting before building a best-rated photography business & never looked back. I work from a place of inspiration unlike any before and have learned to say no, if only to say yes to something more.

Like taking only 10 weddings per year to give my very best in life and business. Not making every vacation a working one, and pouring my heart into what fills it right up again.

For love is not only what others feel about you, it's what feeling you share with others.


Shelby Schmidt is a best rated Pacific Northwest wedding & portrait photographer available for travel where love finds you!

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